Sunday, October 11, 2009

Uhhh Mami

Classic bottle of coke [check]
Oil drippin' onion rings [check]
Succulent, juicy, meaty gourmet burgers [check] 
Greasy everything [check]
Small portion, overpriced burgers [check]
Slow service [check]

Well, I have to say Umami Burgers might be a love & hate thing for me. I love how the truffle burger gave me a foodgasmic experience. The buttery soft fresh buns and meat-packing juicy succulent patty with a slice of cheese made it the best burger I've ever enjoyed in my life. But the best thing in life comes in a price of its own - $11 and Oh don't get me started on how greasy every single thing they serve here. The oil drippin from the buns, patties, and even onion rings was a major turn off. Prepare for extra napkins!

Pork Belly Burger of fresh ground pork and bacon with spicy aioli is one unique great combo not found at any other burger joint.

 Truffle Burger - Couldn't say no to this one. A perfect blend of subtle and savory flavors.  The Truffle Burger's crowning glory was a spatter of truffle cheese and the patty was covered in truffle glaze.

 Root Beer Float - Sluuuuuuurp!

Malt Liquor Tempura Onion Rings - crispy, salty, and of course oily!

Umami definitely brings a manly side of me to eat burgers like a real man! And I suggest every vegetarian not to get near this place as Umami Burger might swift your taste buds.

Umami Burger
850 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-3000

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  1. must try father's office burger with sweet potato fries as well! so GOOD!