Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tesate - I'm Home!

Coconut milk, peanut sauce, and chili ingredients - I know I'm home! Indonesian food traditionally known for complex spices and burst of flavor on a plate and that's how I describe Tesate. The place is the upscale version of Sate Senayan, the Indonesian food chain restaurant which are delicious food and affordable. Authenticity is comparable with Indonesian street food vendors, but you know when you're dining at Tesate, you're partly paying for the atmosphere.

rujak pengantin salad - light tasting, fresh salad with egg, and deep fried crunchy noodle, that awakens the palate. the sour peanut dressing adds complexity yet interesting flavor. 
gule sengkel - tasty, succulent lamb shank, slowly cooked to fall-of-the-bone tenderness in light green curry.
iga kambing bakar - tender, juicy grilled lamb ribs with traditional bbq sauce.
makasar beef satay - exotic combination of aromatic beef with mouth watering, intensely sour starfruit sauce.
klapper tart - melt in your mouth young coconut cake with a scoop of refreshing coconut ice cream.

Plaza Senayan 4th Floor Unit Cp 411
South Jakarta, Indonesia
(021) 572-5521


  1. monnnn najis!!! u know what i've been gaining lots of weight since new york and till now...most of my clothes are not going to fit me anymore!! you devil!!!

  2. maw, there's such thing as buying more clothes :) Barneys will wait ;)

  3. hmm, soooooooooo yummy
    love it