Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Elite - A Bit of Heart

Since I live in West LA, a little trip to East side always excite me. Mainly because good Chinese cuisines and treats are better in the East than anywhere else in LA. I've tried so many dim sum places and by far Elite Restaurant is my ultimate favorite. Despite a long wait for a table, I say the food enjoyment worth the wait.

The quality and freshness of these light dishes are unquestionable. Unlike many dim sum restaurants where the food are wheeled on a trolley by servers, Elite's dim sums were freshly made to order. Don't worry, if you come hungry, the food are out fast!!

Served alongside Chrysanthemum tea, here are a few rundown of our comfort food.

Chicken soft tender or chicken cartilage: crunchy and always gets me!

Something really filling about this shu mai and I can't stop talking about how FRESH their ingredients are! The smelt eggs on top of each piece of shu mai make it even more irresistible.
One of the main favorite dish is the crispy shrimp wrapped in rice noodle. The combination of crispiness of the shrimp Chinese donut and the softness of the rice noodle is simply a perfection.

This one unique dish - fried shrimp ball with almond, is a must try!

Oh-em-ji, we all agree that the Macau egg custard looks and taste heavenly. I fell in love at the first bite, not too sweet, not too plain, crunch that crust. Even if everything else in Elite sucks big time, I would give a full five stars only for these egg custard.So all the the food were kick ass, but I have to warned you for a bad service. On top of the ignorant waitress, there is a language barrier if you are a non Chinese speaker. No worry, sign language will works :) and always try to talk to the managers if you have any requests.

Elite Restaurant
700 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754
(626) 282-9998

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