Friday, September 25, 2009

JRDN - Location, Location, Location...

Every now and then, I make some visits to San Diego, tried to check out new places to chill. As we drive around Pacific Beach, we were spontaneously struck with this restaurant bar which laid out with a huge panel of glass windows and overlooking the ocean, called JRDN (Jordan). Total gorgeousness!
Coming with a huge dessert appetite, I went straight to their sweet treat selections, so I wasn't paying much attention to their lunch and dinner menu. Not sure what's good in here, we decided to have one chocolaty and one fruity desserts.

Chocolate truffle bar - a stack of chocolate, caramel, brownie and a scoop of coconut ice scream. Sounds good? I was fooled! One of the most awful desserts I ever tasted in my life. Let me start by saying how HARD it was to chew, and to make it even worse, the caramel was all over my teeth ARGH so hard to be enjoyed.Thank God the strawberry shortcake have come to rescue me! I was expecting to be as nasty as my first choice but as I put them in my mouth, they were soothing my pain away. The cake is moist, the strawberry is fresh, right amount of vanilla ice cream with sandy pie crust at bottom. Delicate enough, but I've had better!My verdict: overprice! I'll come by next time only for the drinks and sunset viewing!

723 Felspar St
(at Ocean Blvd)
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 270-5736

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