Friday, November 27, 2009

Kogi BBQ - Where You At?

Spicy pork tacos & short ribs tacos. Outburst of spicy and sweet flavors so intense and kick-ass.

Pardon me with dark quality of the photos, the parking lot of The Brig at Abbot Kinney was so dark, giving more exposure was not helping *Oops*. Waiting with less than 10 people in line, I felt so lucky that we don't have to wait any longer for these Korean Mexican midnight snacks in chilly weather. I have to say that these tacos are good but not specTACOlar!!

Short ribs sliders. Buttery toasted buns with sweet juicy beef short ribs and stack of crunchy fresh veggie.

Kimchi quesadilla - cheesy + spicy = explicitly lip-smacking.

To all the Kogi followers and worshipers who waited for two hours, calm down people, it's only tacos. But if they were in your area and line is short, bring some cash and give it a shot! It won't disappoint..

Kogi BBQ Truck
(714) 697-4683

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