Wednesday, November 25, 2009

♡ Happy Turkey Day ♡

It's that time of the year again when 46 millions of turkey are consumed, commercial flights face their busiest travel week, and massive Black Friday lines are formed in front of your favorite stores. This year, my friends and I celebrated Thanksgiving with huge appetite and the mood of packing some major calories.

Three main chefs + the rest playing sous chefs and we got ourselves a cook fest! Hours of preparation and putting together the perfect thanksgiving meals were paid off. Every single dish was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Butter and heavy cream play significant roles in making the meals memorable and everyone was oblivious of the nutrition fact's existence.

Honey baked ham

Sauteed mushrooms

Mac and Cheese

Corn de la crème

Mashed potatoes

Enormous turkey

Cinnamon apple pies

At the end of the night we all feel it was a successful stuffy dinner and a heartwarming affair to remember. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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