Thursday, December 17, 2009

KC's Cafe - Crepêries

Honey, good luck on finding a decent crepe place in LA. After one disappointment to another, those bad crepe days were over. Actually, I enjoyed KC's crepes the first month I got to LA and good grace it was deli-freakin-cious! After my first enjoyment of a great crepe, in the back of my mind thought that this must be the beginning of the pursuit of another delish crepe, but I couldn't be more wrong. So meanwhile, let's just stick with KC's.

croque madame - egg, ham, and cheese

roast beef melt with grilled onion, cheese, and gravy

Their crepe has the right amount of crisp. Their melt is my favorite savory crepes 'cos they got the goods - grilled onion and gravy!! On a sweeter note, any dessert crepe with their custard creme is lusting...

The lame part about KC's is you have to be patient with your orders. The cute Asian crepe makers may look so sweet but after 15 minutes and your crepe isn't ready may cause some temper!

the best of them all. nutella, strawberry, banana, and custard creme 

These picture don't do the justice. So just come by to KC's and enjoy them for yourself!

p.s: cash only and closed on mondays.

KC's Cafe
8320 Lincoln Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 348-9697

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