Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yuyu Sushi - Where It All Began

I know, I know.... It has been weeks of my long hiatus. This holiday season I got some time off of La La land and traveled to Asia. After months of anticipation, finally I hit Hong Kong, Macau, and home :)...

My galfriends and I did more than shopping, awesome dinning, drinking - we laughed 'till we almost died.... Just the best time of our lives. So, with no further due, let's get down to business.

The first stop after I got off the plane, we ate at Yuyu Sushi. A trendy kaiten style sushi bars located in Wan Chai district of HK. The place seemed too fancy for serious sushi, but their sushi were no kidding.

salmon sashimi

  korean grilled salmon sushi. spicy*sweet kimchi salmon

uni sashimi. We can't resist to these ultra fresh sea urchin.

sweet shrimp sushi

eel yakitori

deep fried soft shell crab avocado roll

cutlet pumpkin croquette - kabocha

tuna mixed shanghai onion & california hand rolls

foie gras sushi. this particular item blows our mind away! we couldn't believe what we tasted. the so gooey center, yet uber crispy outer layer of these foie gras with warm vinegary rice were just the real treat!

This seemed underestimated sushi joint might seemed doubtful for real sushi, but our impressions were completely unfounded. Certainly by no means authentic, but the consistency of these fresh and mouth watering raw fish were impeccable. Start to finish, yakitori to sashimi, basics to artistry, supremacy!

I'll cover the rest of my HK cuisine findings soon, stay tune hungry piggies ;)

Yuyu Sushi
3 Ship St.
Wan Chai, HK

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