Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mochi Cream - Filling Me Softly

green tea mochi cream before 

after. the best bite after shopping for endless-joyous hours in causeway bay..

Food is number one thing on my mind, shopping comes second. So, when my friend told me we gonna stop by at Mochi Cream before hitting the next shopping arcade, I said hallelujah sistah!

Mochi Cream as everybody can tell, is Japanese glutinous rice cake filled with flavored ice cream. They have a wide range of flavor, from cafe au lait to sweet potato. But being the indecisive of me, I choose the safest bet which is green tea. It taste so fluffy, delectable, and chewy, the ice cream just melt me away. 

black sesame mochi cream. this thing is equally good. oh boy....dangerous love!

I believe you can find Mochi Cream in anywhere else, since it's originally from Japan. So anytime you accidentally find these babies, grab 'em, chew 'em, love 'em!

display only. they will take cold mochi from the back fridge.

 hello, pretty lovers!

I couldn't believe that I only got one for myself. I should've got three. at least. Urghh silly me...

Mochi Cream
Sogo Department Store
555 Hennessy rd.
Causeway Bay, HK

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