Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thai Basil - Fusion At Its Best

Coming to Pacific Place shopping enthusiasm, but first, I gotta feed my empty tummy.  My friend tried Thai Basil and upon her previous visit, she completely satisfied. If you're sweating for extra spicy curry, try to look elsewhere. The dark, romantic, and seemingly classy interior adds the impression of a non-authentic food, rather fusion Thai fare. But it's good. Wait, they're delicious.

pepper beef with yellow curry, green pepper corn, shallot, and onion. tender and juicy beef are best served with flavorful curry.

pad thai with prawns, scrambled egg, pea shoots, peanuts, and chili flakes. not every thai restaurant could serve a simple yet delicious pad thai, but Thai Basil got this one under their belt.

wok fried thai spicy crab with lemongrass, lime leaf, chili, garlic, thai basil, shallot, and fresh green pepper. the only complaint is the lack of meat!

sticky banana pudding with honeycomb ice cream and caramel flakes. the combination warmth of the naturally sweet banana pudding and not-overly rich ice cream is a must order! you'll die over the crispy caramel flakes alone...

Not only Maxim's group done it again with a great restaurant concept, but the food are consistently spot on.

Thai Basil
88 Queensway, lower ground fl.
Pacific Place
Hong Kong

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  1. Hey, hey~ Stumbled upon your blog and drooling over your HK posts. Especially wanting some of that sticky banana pudding with honeycomb ice cream and caramel flakes^^

    If you're interested in Korean eats check out my blog^^

    Enjoy your vacation~