Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Bazaar - Avant Garde Tapas

Being a fan of the SLS Hotel for occasional drinks at their lounge, I've finally experience a different level of brunch prepared by The Bazaar. With intimate indoor offering modern minimalist or outdoor terrace with ethereal wooden nuance, The Bazaar created ambiance of Spanishness in vogue.

The menu is a mixture of traditional and modern twist of the small plate movement, where liquid gelee and nitrogen plays a whimsical role in creating magical dishes and unbelievable taste. Now, buckle up for an extraordinary gastronomic ride and feast for your eyes.

not your everyday caprese. the name says it all, manage to scoop the cherry tomatoes, basil puree, crackers and liquid mozarella onto the spoon. the encapsulated mozarella cheese into the tiny balls will burst in your mouth. the taste is fresh and as magnificent as the idea. 

 foie gras sandwiches. three minis buttery toasted brioche sliders with smooth textured duck liver.

12 tiny eggs sunny side up. Huevos ala Cubana "Andy Garcia". 12 quail eggs, chives, bacon on top of crispy rice cake. the combination of warm egg yolk and the crispy rice cakes are so lip-smacking but 12 is too much to share for two.

Olive oil pancakes with maple syrup and mixed berries. 5 stacked fluffy pancakes drizzled with olive oil and warm maple syrup are the most scrumptious savory pancakes I've ever tasted. just melts in your mouth. I lust for these every time I wake up in the morning.

nitro coconut floating island. with caramelized bananas, passion fruit sauce, and vanilla. break the icy nitro shell and enjoy a cloudy ball of coconut cream. feels so sunny tropical on a winter time. such a whimsical delight! 

The Bazaar
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills
465 S La Cienega Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 246-5567

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  1. The olive oil pancakes are Bazaar is one of the finest pancakes ever. It seems to be made of cornmeal, and the texture is so superior to regular pancakes. Good times!