Tuesday, February 16, 2010

SugarFISH - Back To Basics

Cut to the chase, simply sushi. The minimalist and clean decor give an immediate unpretentious vibe and that's exactly what chef Nozawa delivers: sushi and nothing fancy.

Chef Nozawa is taking sushi back to basics by offering three core omakase selections: Trust Me, Trust Me/Lite, and The Nozawa. Each consists of the best hand picked fresh fishes and the amount of sushi pieces differs the sets from one another. Relying simply on the freshness quality of the fish, warm Japanese rice and Nozawa's knife cuts, the home-made soy and ponzu are just added complimentary elements. 

Presenting, naked fish from the Nozawa omakase menu:


 tuna sashimi, ponzu, and green onion.

 salmon sashimi and sesame seeds.

albacore, ponzu, and green onion. no soy is necessary. the best sushi out of the bunch.

 yellowtail sushi.

 halibut sushi.

 "daily special" - unagi sushi.

 toro hand roll. eat this immediately to enjoy the seaweed at its best.

 crab hand roll.

 of course we added uni sushi, since it's not on Nozawa set. and... the uni just melt in my mouth. it sealed the deal.

11640 W San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 820-4477

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  1. Really great camera there, you manage to capture the freshness of the sushi. I have never been to sugarfish but i have been to the big daddy mr Nozawa himself and boy did my mouth jizz. Im thinking of going to sugarfish tomorrow, i hope it's able to retain the essence of nozawa's flavor. Not the best sushi i ever had but the best in southern California for dam sure.