Monday, March 8, 2010

LAMILL - Silverlake, CAffeinated.

In this era of recession, who's willing to drive all the way from west LA to Silverlake for a cup of coffee? Or pay some good amount of dollar for a shot of espresso? Well, let me break it down why Lamill coffee is not your average cup of Joe; it's a magical gourmet experience in a cup from the people who are most passionate about their beans and loyalty.

When I walked into Lamill, my attention wasn't to the sleek espresso counter, it was a split between the teal faux alligator seats and the dazzling vintage chandelier. Not only the chic and comfy space got people hooked, dog-friendly patio, free parking and wifi are additional rejoice for people who spend 5 bucks on a shot of coffee and a jelly donut.

select your extraction: hand dripped ice coffee. Japanese Hario extraction brewed at your table with customized ice.
select your beans: Brazil Serra Do Boné 
the end product in a glass with added cream.
Taste: Dark chocolate, with texture of cashew butter, orange, sweet dried fruit and a floral finish.

One of the many things that differentiates Lamill from other coffee shop is that you can actually chillax on your seat. Having their all-rounded and knowledgeable waiters explains everything you wanted to know about Blanco y Negro or their clover extraction brewed at your table is really worth the dime. 

Caramel Corn. Fresh peanut milk & espresso topped with popcorn infused cream and caramel sauce. I truly enjoyed this sweet yet bitter blend. 

Coffee and jelly donut. Strawberry essence layered with donut-infused milk and topped with espresso. don't underestimate this tiny shot, a must for all early birds and those who need to be revived.

tea champagne. booze and tea?! cheers to that...

butternut squash soup with croutons and espresso powder.* WOW in a bowl! the creamy soup is the highlight of my day... yummycraveness!

Chipotle chicken salad* /Apple, currants, scallions, almonds, celery served with sliced ciabatta perfectly sweet and tangy.

Arctic Char Tartare* / Quatre épices, crème fraîche, capers, hard boiled egg, toasted house-made brioche.

ABLT* / Pork belly, arugula, tomato, preserved black bean. you know I will not resist pork belly. I almost can't handle succulent fat porky, grilled cippolinis, and yukon gold chips on one plate.

Buckle up, kids! the savory and sweet delicacies menu in Lamill is designed by two-Michelin Stars Michael Cimarusti and Adrian Vasquez, Providence's very own chefs. Dessert fanatics, if you're not up to gulping some caffeine, you can't go wrong with the desserts.

Passionfruit Gelee / Lychee-shiso sorbet, coconut-soy milk soup, basil seeds. yes this dessert was on my Providence escapade. balanced sweet, sour, and refreshing. it's a whimsical delight that you must savor.

I don't know why I never hung out at Silverlake, but now is not too late for a start.

*sample size only. 

1636 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 663-4441


  1. itt sureee isss yummyyy... :D

  2. All the food looks so great. I had that dessert (or one similar to it) at Providence.