Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BLD - Eggstraordinary

braised pork & poached egg benedict. grilled pain de mie, citrus hollandaise, and spanish chorizo home fries. the citrus infused pork tasted so tender - with the help of oozing yolk, delicate sour hollandaise, and crispy toasted bread, this is the best benedict dish ever.

Mama says the most important meal of your day is breakfast. Well mama, if you can make breakfast the way BLD does, I promise to wake up early everyday and never skip one. BLD takes eggs so seriously that every egg dishes on the menu will make you fall in love with eggs all over again.  

Another advice from a potato lover, whatever you order from the breakfast menu, get the spanish chorizo home fries as your side dish. Hot dang, slices of Spanish sausage among so tender and yet  so crunchy skin potatoes. Talkin' about breakfast you wish your mama could make everyday!

fried egg sangwich. toasted sourdough bread, nueske's thick cut bacon, gruyere cheese, aioli, spanish chorizo home fries. not your average skinny bacon! this bacon is not only thick, it's so greasy scrumptious amazing. say hello to the perfect breakfast.

ricotta blueberry pancakes with berkshire maple syrup. hands down the best blueberry pancakes! imagine delish fluffy pancakes with every bite of fresh blueberries and the most luscious maple syrup you ever tasted. 

7450 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 930-9744

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