Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Chego - Let's Go Bowling

3PM meatballs - Korean-fried, shaved green onions, sesame, polenta patty.

Before we talk about food, lemme start by saying good luck on finding parking.  It's not hard, but more towards impossible to find one on their tiny lot. Secondly, good luck hustling with some fierce people who sometimes don't have mercy on getting an open table. 

Kogi trucks sure are making some serious cash and Roy Choi knows how to milk more money by opening a new sit-down restaurant, Chego. Remember how you like your hot stone Korean bimbimbap? This place has a fun twist on rice bowls. The key here is mixing everything on your bowl to get maximum flavors. Despite I hate the parking and waiting situations, this place is worth the try. Now, let's go bowling!

kogi fries. give me this and I'll shut up!

Tiny's prime rib rice bowl - chili-rubbed, with fried egg, water spinach, creamed horseradish,  fried shallots. my least favorite, the rib is so chewy and fatty. But I'm loving the rice mix.

spam bam thank you mam - kimchi rice and avocado chunks. pretty good combo.

one chubby pork belly bowl - kochujang-lacquered and lovingly glazed over 12 times, with fried egg, water spinach. my favorite! burst of flavor in one bowl. next time I'll add extra pork belly.

buttered kimchi bowl - hot and buttered with fried egg, gaenip, red tofu, chicharrones. the rice is so good. spicy, sour, and more crunchy chicharrones wouldn't hurt.

rock yer road - chocolate ice cream, smoked almonds, caramel, brownies, melting marshmallow fluff. I kinda like this simple dessert, again mix this before you enjoy.
3300 Overland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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