Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Farewell LA, You'll Be Missed

Urth's spanish latte 

I have been MIA for the last few weeks due to packing, selling my stuffs, last minute shopping, and of course heavy duty eating all the food I'll deeply miss from LA (I'll post some of them later)! I went back to my home sweet home, Jakarta for good. I will miss brunch, a good cold cut sandwich, my tacos, Urth's lattes, Korean BBQ, East LA Chinese delicacies, heavenly desserts and the list goes on.  I'm still mellow regarding my departure from LA but greatly anticipate exciting things that will happen. I will keep on blogging and producing more exotic food porn from Indonesia and anywhere else. Thank you LA, it's been one heck of a pleasure to eat you :)




  1. How sad to see ya leave ;( I'll try to eat on your behalf! At the same time, excited to read about your eating adventures back home. Hopefully, I will be able to do a visit and check out some of them^^