Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Modern Toilet - Holy Crap!


Pardon me for the shitty welcoming figure above. It took me by surprise when we walked into the restaurant and the giant shit-shape cushion gave us a crappy greetings. Oh well, obviously from the name Modern Toilet, I should expect to see some random shiz...

 bathroom atmosphere with toilet seats as chairs, faucets as tables, and showers on the wall

The franchised restaurants spread in Taiwan and Hong Kong uniquely decorated the space with bathroom elements while visitors get to sit on real toilet seats. The toilet themed restaurants also went all out by serving their meals on miniature toilet bowls, bath tubs, and even squat toilet containers.

korean kimchi hot pot on toilet bowl

braised sirloin hot pot on a toilet bowl

toilet, lavabos, toilette, privada, lokus. you name it..

When you think the idea is really disgusting but cute, wait 'till you hear the flushing sound while enjoying your beef curry on a squat toilet. yummm...

p.s: it's best to keep potty-training-in-progress kiddies at home.

Modern Toilet
4th Floor Capitol Centre 5-19 
Jardines Bazaar, Causeway Bay 
Hong Kong 

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