Thursday, May 6, 2010

Newport Tan Cang Seafood - Asian Persuasion

I just cannot believe after countless time I went to Tan Cang, drove the crazy miles from West LA to San Gabriel and waited after the long lines - I never wrote a review about it. I must be loco. So does the house special lobster and everything else in Tan Cang. This restaurant is my favorite and apparently is also everyone else's - so prepare for a long wait during weekends. Although this place don't take reservation, on weekdays you may be seated right away.

Let's spin that glass table:
french beef loc lac - black pepper beef cube sauteed to tenderness, on top of chopped onions. The beef is super tender and juicy - the best beef dish in any Chinese restaurants I've ever tried. I never get enough of these, give me a plate for myself!!
please don't lick the screen. of course the house special lobster is a must. chopped, battered, and lightly fried together with scallions, black pepper, drenched with some oil. No need to make a mess, just fork out the tender lobster meat, dip it with the oil and green onions. it sure is special.

kangkung or water morning glory. stir fried with chopped garlic and shrimp paste. the aroma and taste are equally appetizing. super good. 

It may not be on the menu, but you can have two cooking ways of the fish. I'm not sure whether they charge differently or not but to add varieties to the table, I greatly recommend splitting the fish.  
first half of the fish: steamed tilapia with special sauce, ginger, and scallions. very delicate and buttery. 

second half of the fish: deep fried and drenched with sweet sour sauce. uber spicy delicious crispy skin and moist inside. 

Newport Tan Cang Seafood
518 W Las Tunas Dr
San Gabriel, CA 91776 

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